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Out of State Air Travel

Panda Travel® will quote the lowest applicable airfare based on the authorized dates of travel. Travel route will be the most economical and direct routes available to the point of business destination. Any additional expenses incurred for specific airline preference or changes for personal travel will be the responsibility of the traveler. Learn More ››

Hotel Reservations

Panda Travel® will quote out-of-state hotel rates based on the most economical moderate hotel taking into consideration proximity of the hotel to the meeting/business site. Selection of intrastate hotels are based on Panda Travel® "State" negotiated rates. If a traveler books a hotel other than that recommended by Panda Travel®, he/she may be personally responsible for any additional charges. Conference hotels should be booked directly by the traveler. Learn More ››

Panda Travel® is expected to ensure that a completed and signed purchase order is received along with a signed itinerary. Any discrepancies should be questioned and verified.

Your inquiries are important to us. If you do not receive the service you expected or do not receive a satisfactory response, please feel free to contact Peggy Hung-Tsoi or send us your customer help form


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